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Foreign Objects shocking New Yorkers

October 19, 2010 Leave a comment

A mysterious object seen floating luminous shine high above the west side of Manhattan, New York, United States. This thing was sparked speculation that a UFO was passing over the city.

A number of media since the last edition of this two-day writing about the appearance of a foreign object in the skies of Manhattan on Wednesday, October 13 night 2010.

Reports of foreign objects is enough to make the hassles of police and the FAA (Federation of American Airlines). The two institutions are flooded with complaints since the report at 01:30 noon local time. Incoming reports almost uniformly mention, there are shiny objects are also visible in the sky Chelsea, neighboring city of Manhattan.

Local law enforcement believed that it was probably a kind of balloon. But until Wednesday night can not be confirmed exactly what it was.

According to a Daily News reporter, things look very small and silver was hovering about 5,000 feet of 23 St. and Eigth Avenue. At that location, dozens of people gathered to see it at a glance.

“This thing was floating for a while. It’s confusing,” said Joseph Torres, 49, of Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, who saw the object. “Is it common? How is it possible? Surely something has happened.”

Despite sunny skies, not easy to see small objects that glisten. “You really have to look up to see it,” said one witness, who only gave his first name, Rico.

“It’s a little crazy. Because that’s why they call it UFO because they do not know what it is.”

Not long after the first sighting, the messages began to appear on Twitter. The message is connecting in a release last month announcing the publication of an officer retired NORAD. The book predicts that the UFO would come to the big cities of the earth on October 13.

FAA said they received a call several operations center, but after reviewing radar data, the agent could not find anything extraordinary.

“We again see the radar to see if there is something there. We can not explain but that does not exist,” said FAA spokesman Jim Peters.

Indeed, at that time there were reports the helicopter was flying over a river. “We check into the Tower LaGuardia, and they said the helicopter was not flying low at the time.”

Peters said if it was a weather balloon or other type of organized release of balloons, the authorities must be notified in advance.


UFO Close Mongolia Airport?

October 6, 2010 2 comments

Airports in Baotou in Inner Mongolia was forced to close. The reason is interesting, to prevent passenger jets collided with a UFO (Unidentified flying object). Thus mentioned in a report.

The aftermath of the phenomenon, three flights from Baotou to Shanghai and Beijing had circled above the airport until the UFO disappeared.

Meanwhile, two other flights diverted from Baotou to cities nearby, Ordos and Taiyuan. According to a spokesman for the airport, the closure done for one hour to “ensure the safety of passengers.”

Eyewitnesses reported that they had seen a bright light shining in the sky on September 11, 2010 in the distance about 2.5 miles from the airport. The light was rather bright, vaguely before finally disappearing.

The incident was the appearance of the eighth, after sightings were reported in China since the end of June 2010.

Earlier, on Wednesday, July 7, 2010 at 20:40 local time, Xiaoshan Airport in Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang Province, China was suddenly closed. The reason, there are sightings of mysterious celestial bodies, which came to be called UFOs. But Chinese officials later confirmed that the strange objects were part of the test on a military base near the airport.

Meanwhile, UFO sightings were also reportedly seen in the western Xinjiang June 30 last. Again, it is then suspected of being part of a missile test. A number of ‘UFO’ in Sichuan Province is also connected with local custom lighted kite flying at night.