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Fix Save Game CFW 5.50 Gen D3

March 15, 2010 Leave a comment

This tutorial help you to fix save game that error on CFW 5.50 Gen D3

1. Download Fixer 5.50 genD3,,, download here
2. Save di MSD:/PSP/GAME/fix
3. Instal like you play a game
4. Download
FatMsMod by Dark Alex, download here
5. In Recovery Menu choose flash0
6. Connect Your PSP to PC
Backup these files on kd folder :
‘pspbtjnf_02g.bin’ , ‘pspbtknf_02g.bin’ , ‘pspbtlnf_02g.bin’
9. Change back to Memory Stick
10. Extrackt file
Copy the fatmsmod.prx on root MSD
Copy ‘FATMS371’ folder to ms0:/PSP/GAME/
13. Instal like play a game
14. Success…

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