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MikroTik Best Rule for Firewall

October 2, 2010 Leave a comment

Good Morning all. In this Chance i want to teach you about rule of firewall on your MikroTik

First Rule:

Wan : Internet Interface
Lan : Local Interface
Local IP :

Second Rule:

ip firewall filter

add chain=forward in-interface=Wan out-interface=Lan dst-address= action=accept comment=”Allow internet connection to client” disabled=no

add chain=input in-interface=Wan protocol=tcp dst-port=8291 action=accept comment=”Allow Remote winbox from Publik” disabled=no

add chain=input in-interface=Wan protocol=udp src-port=53 action=accept comment=”Allow DNS Traffic” disabled=no

add chain=input in-interface=Wan protocol=icmp action=accept comment=”Allow Ping Traceroute Traffic” disabled=no

add chain=input in-interface=Wan connection-state=new action=add-src-to-address-list address-list=spam address-list-timeout=30m comment=”Log Denied IP” disabled=no

add chain=input in-interface=Wan action=drop comment=”Drop All Access that not allowed” disabled=no

You can check your settings here.


Wireless Hack I

December 27, 2009 1 comment

With easy access to the internet via wireless, many laptop users are always looking for or use an existing hotspots to always active. There is simply open the email, there is cuman just browsing, even, there is also a duty to send the office. The pemilk and hotspot users do not realize that perhaps, among them are evil intent. For simple cases, a false public hotspots can trap the users to provide their username and password without them realizing that they had given. in this article, I’ll explain some of the tricks used by some people who intend on using wireless ugly. To prevent problems, can be seen in other articles on this website which provides solutions and prevention.

To make wireless hacking, which is the first step is to find the nearest wireless network with you. It can be done with wardrive (if done outside the room) or around hotspots around the existing (if at in the room). In this article, the author tried to describe how to use wardrive for more secure and remember we are only trying to find out which wireless networks are weak.


Wardrive is an electronic fishing expedition to find a weak wireless networks around you. Most, most of these wireless networks are not even given a password or encryption to protect it.
This activity is carried out to search for any network that will be the object of attack. Thus, we can conduct attacks on wireless networks that we have to target. To do this kegitan, simple equipment needed to get started.

List of required equipment:
• GPS receiver
If your area already has GPS, you can easily mark any areas that you have explored and specific signals in the area where you explore these already have a weak wireless networks.

• Wireless PCMI card
This equipment is needed to expand your wireless network. Typically, this equipment is equipped with a jack for wireless receiver antenna or cellular network support for a broader network.

• Wireless antenna receiver
This equipment is needed to increase the reach of PCMI wireless card that you have to connect it has jack to the wireless card. If the wireless card you have do not have a jack, you can buy a wireless antenna using a usb port that has a lot on the market. But, if you are not satisfied with the ability to acquire a network using equipment you have, you can membikinnya cheaply by following the instructions at the following website:

Search Wireless Network

Most wireless networks that supply does not have a security or encryption to protect it. To investigate, the support equipment needed. There are two tools that are usually used for this purpose.

• Network stumbler or better known as NetStumbler
This Windows-based software is very easy to find wireless signals emitted from the hotspots to the user. Meet the author of many wireless users use this software to find the right location to get a wireless signal from a strong hotspot or hotspot in the survey area is good enough or not.

• Kismet
One function is missing from NetStumbler is the ability to display the SSID of the hotspot. the access point, they are always routine membroadcast this info. cuman, it mostly contains info SSID that is not readable or encrypted. This program will find and display the SSID is not broadcast by the hotspot and is very important to find wireless networks to be tested.

Entering the wireless networks that have been found

After finding a network of networks, the next step is to try to connect you to the network. If the network does not use security encryption, you can directly access the SSID. If the SSID is not broadcast, you can enter the SSID is not broadcast. Of course, you can easily find that is not in the broadcast using the existing features of kismet is not it? If the network is encrypted, you need one of the following equipment.

• CowPatty
This software uses brute-force method to open a WPA-PSK, PSK itself which is considered as a new WEP wireless security security unrtuk in this rumah.Progam try some of the various options from a dictionary file if anyone is in accordance with what is used as the key

• ASLeap
if any network using LEAP, this tool can be used to find the kind of data the username and password are online at the network, and access override pemiliknya.LEAP not protect the process such as EAP, which was a major weakness for the LEAP.

Sniff or steal Wireless Data

No matter whether you are connected directly to a wireless network or not, if there is a wireless network in your immediate area, there’s always passing the data on the network whenever it was. To retrieve data, you need tools to retrieve or view data.

• Wireshark (Ethereal predecessor)
which is still a debate how ynag fastest way in addressing this program, there is no doubt that this software is very useful. he can find an existing wireless network complete with security info. This software can mecuri data from the 802.11 hotspot management and can also be used as a tool to search for hotspots that do not protect themselves with the SSID.

• SwitchSniffer
This software is a program that can search for active users in the LAN switch network and can retrieve all data packets without the approval of the relevant user, this software can also detect arpspoofer program is running and defense membokir such firewal sessions. if you combine this program with another sniffer program, you can view and retrieve user id and password of another user in your network.

Your next action?

Once you know how the process of hacking, it’s up to you what to do with data or hotspots that you have found and you exploit it. if you want to report to admin hotspots that there is a weakness, you have become part of the Ethical hackers. but, if you even further exploit these hotspots, then you become Blackcap Hacker. You want to choose to be what, you were right. authors simply share info only. This tutorial may be useful for you.

Tutorial NetCut

December 27, 2009 1 comment

Netcut not “Netcat” stands for Network Cut. Network is a network, while the cut is a cut. So we reply, Netcut means cutting tissue or more precisely cut off connections. ( “So what do each photograph Chucky??”) .. hehehe .. name also creations, he is again holding a pair of scissors .. : D

Shared connection speed is basically determined the number of users connected, topology is used, setting protocols and much more .. If using a pure setting, the access speed will be divided based on the number of users who use it .. example: If the connection speed = 600 Kbps, and there are 6 users who use it, then the speed of each to 100 Kbps, but given the connection limit to other users .. So more and more users connected, the smaller also access ..

IF you want this software search on Uncle Google. If so, this is how make to make it…

1. Extract the zip file if the format or rar or any other compresses files.

2. Install the program, double click netcut.exe ( “dah know how it nginstall.”)

3. After the program is installed, open the program netcut.
Would seem a table that lists the current IP, then select Ip who will dicut, and press the cut-off. So share the bandwidth of this Ip Ip will turn to us .. and Ip is dicut not be able to connect to the server before you to resume or before he changed Ipnya ..

Easy is not it?? : D But consider this as an additional insight, not to be practiced constantly. Pity it’s such a software download 100 MB, tiba2’ve managed to fit even 99% off .. : D

Few tips to anticipate, so we do not collapsible ip cut use antinetcut, can be search on Google Mbah. Install the software, you are guaranteed that your computer will not cut off .. : D Hopefully useful.


December 27, 2009 Leave a comment

Netcut, cutters clien hotspot connections and their antidotes.

Have you ever felt a connection in your wifi-hotspot road slowly not even completely? Do not rush to conclude a connection to the ISP problem, because there could be naughty user who cheat using breaker applications from a client connection to the server.

Is Netcut, an application that as the name of cutting Internet access in public / private WiFi hotspots, or a PC LAN workgroup from a client to server or vice versa. This program is generally used by network users who want to take the quota (quota) bandwidth for their own use without going to shared to other clients.

Theft of bandwidth with theoretical disconnect very effective to increase Internet access speeds, such as a network had looted 100 Kb / s and will be divided to 10 clients, each client will have a 10 Kb / s. With Netcut, then we can disconnect another client 9 and rations 100 Kb / s will be ours.

Cruel is not it? ….

Not surprisingly, when several public WiFi hotspot I have ever visited often I find that many who complain can not CONECT Internet, or more extreme user netcut war that caused no one user can online. Or as another blogger colleagues experience an almost physical contact involved because of the damn netcut: mrgreen:

Use netcut quite simple, just select the IP / Hostname / Mac Address client who wants to decide the connection and click on cut-off. User connections will be disconnected from the server until we released him from netcut by clicking on the Resume or change its IP address.

Tips Netcut counter attacks:

* Never use Netcut. Once people harmed by your actions, then there will be revenge. Peace gan!
* Change your IP address if it feels dijahili with Netcut.
* Use Anti Netcut (but netcut always ahead of the anti netcut)
* Hidden computers from LAN pake XP Antispy
* Install anti-ARP (trial)
* Change MAC Address