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December 27, 2009 Leave a comment

Netcut, cutters clien hotspot connections and their antidotes.

Have you ever felt a connection in your wifi-hotspot road slowly not even completely? Do not rush to conclude a connection to the ISP problem, because there could be naughty user who cheat using breaker applications from a client connection to the server.

Is Netcut, an application that as the name of cutting Internet access in public / private WiFi hotspots, or a PC LAN workgroup from a client to server or vice versa. This program is generally used by network users who want to take the quota (quota) bandwidth for their own use without going to shared to other clients.

Theft of bandwidth with theoretical disconnect very effective to increase Internet access speeds, such as a network had looted 100 Kb / s and will be divided to 10 clients, each client will have a 10 Kb / s. With Netcut, then we can disconnect another client 9 and rations 100 Kb / s will be ours.

Cruel is not it? ….

Not surprisingly, when several public WiFi hotspot I have ever visited often I find that many who complain can not CONECT Internet, or more extreme user netcut war that caused no one user can online. Or as another blogger colleagues experience an almost physical contact involved because of the damn netcut: mrgreen:

Use netcut quite simple, just select the IP / Hostname / Mac Address client who wants to decide the connection and click on cut-off. User connections will be disconnected from the server until we released him from netcut by clicking on the Resume or change its IP address.

Tips Netcut counter attacks:

* Never use Netcut. Once people harmed by your actions, then there will be revenge. Peace gan!
* Change your IP address if it feels dijahili with Netcut.
* Use Anti Netcut (but netcut always ahead of the anti netcut)
* Hidden computers from LAN pake XP Antispy
* Install anti-ARP (trial)
* Change MAC Address