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Foreign Objects shocking New Yorkers

October 19, 2010 Leave a comment

A mysterious object seen floating luminous shine high above the west side of Manhattan, New York, United States. This thing was sparked speculation that a UFO was passing over the city.

A number of media since the last edition of this two-day writing about the appearance of a foreign object in the skies of Manhattan on Wednesday, October 13 night 2010.

Reports of foreign objects is enough to make the hassles of police and the FAA (Federation of American Airlines). The two institutions are flooded with complaints since the report at 01:30 noon local time. Incoming reports almost uniformly mention, there are shiny objects are also visible in the sky Chelsea, neighboring city of Manhattan.

Local law enforcement believed that it was probably a kind of balloon. But until Wednesday night can not be confirmed exactly what it was.

According to a Daily News reporter, things look very small and silver was hovering about 5,000 feet of 23 St. and Eigth Avenue. At that location, dozens of people gathered to see it at a glance.

“This thing was floating for a while. It’s confusing,” said Joseph Torres, 49, of Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, who saw the object. “Is it common? How is it possible? Surely something has happened.”

Despite sunny skies, not easy to see small objects that glisten. “You really have to look up to see it,” said one witness, who only gave his first name, Rico.

“It’s a little crazy. Because that’s why they call it UFO because they do not know what it is.”

Not long after the first sighting, the messages began to appear on Twitter. The message is connecting in a release last month announcing the publication of an officer retired NORAD. The book predicts that the UFO would come to the big cities of the earth on October 13.

FAA said they received a call several operations center, but after reviewing radar data, the agent could not find anything extraordinary.

“We again see the radar to see if there is something there. We can not explain but that does not exist,” said FAA spokesman Jim Peters.

Indeed, at that time there were reports the helicopter was flying over a river. “We check into the Tower LaGuardia, and they said the helicopter was not flying low at the time.”

Peters said if it was a weather balloon or other type of organized release of balloons, the authorities must be notified in advance.


Alien Turn off 10 American Nuclear Missiles

October 2, 2010 1 comment

A total of 120 former military personnel and pilots United States (U.S.) gave startling testimony. They said she saw a group of alien creatures or aliens landed, to infiltrate and disable the nuclear missiles of the United Kingdom and the United States at the headquarters of a missile launch.

As reported by edition of 27 September 2010, one U.S. military pilots who gave testimony were Captain Robert Salas. According to Salas, the U.S. government and Britain was allegedly covering up alien visits several events that have taken place since 1948.

Recognition is not trusted for granted and then researched and investigated six U.S. aviator and former military members of the other. Six men then seek the testimony of 120 former military personnel. The information they have gathered indicates that aliens landed on Earth recently, seven years ago.

The plan, the inspector evidence that would convey that information to U.S. and British governments. They will try to socialize that the two nations that the visit extra-terrestrial creature that has lasted a long time, and that as a fact.

The presentation team was presented on Monday, September 27 at a meeting in Washington. One witness, Capt. Robert Salas, said, “U.S. Air Force air had lied about an unknown object at a military base, and lies about national security implications. We can prove it.”

Salas said he witnessed the incident March 16, 1967 at Malmstrom Air Force Headquarters, Montana, which stores the Minuteman nuclear missiles.

“I was on duty when an object came and stood directly over the missile launch base. As many as 10 missiles disabled. And the same thing happened at another location a week later,” he said.

He suspected, there is strong interest from the creatures with the missiles to be launched. “I personally think they are not from planet Earth,” said Salas.

Another witness claimed to have seen similar activity in the UK. Witnesses named Colonel Charles Halt said he saw a UFO in the former military base RAF Bentwaters, near Ipswich, 30 years ago.

Charles Halt saw the light beam was fired into the base and then heard on the military radio that aliens have landed in the nuclear storage area.

“I believe that the security of both the Security Service of the United States and Britain have tried, from the past until now, to investigate what really happened at RAF Bentwaters,” he said.

The location was once used as headquarters of U.S. Tactical Fighter Wing to-81. Another witness, Captain Bruce Fenstermacher, a former U.S. Air Force officer, also claimed similar. He saw a cigar-shaped UFO hovering over a nuclear base in Wyoming in 1976.

Mysterious signals from Earth twins, Alien?

October 2, 2010 2 comments

Scientists recently discovered planet ‘twin Earth’ which is outside our solar system. His name, Planet Gliese 581g. Another name that  more beautiful to seem is the ‘World Zarmina’. The discovery was the result of observation over 11 years by scientists from various countries.

The scientists found that not only the World Zarmina, but also found a mysterious signal emitted from the planet which is then referred to as Earth’s twin planet.

Is Dr Ragbir Bhathal, scientists from the University of Western Sydney which saw a strange signal that in December 2008 – long before it was announced that there is a planet inhabited by creatures that can live in the orbit of dwarf star, Gliese 581.

Bhathal who is a member of SETI (Search for extraterrestrial intelligence) – organization that aims to open contact with life outside the Earth – was watching the sky when he found the signal ‘suspicious’ of the area where Gliese 581g galaxies reside.

These findings reinforce the notion that Gliese 581g is the most Earth-like planet ever found. Is there life there?

Bhathal invention only a month before the astronomers announced the discovery of Gliese planet less livable 581e (habitable) compared Gliese581g – although both are situated around the same star is away, about 20 light-years.

“We found a sharp signal, such as a laser that we’ve been looking for. That’s what we found, and we are very excited,” said the site contained Bhathal like the Daily Mail, October 1, 2010.

For months after its discovery, Bhathal who had a reputation as an ‘alien hunter from Australia’ sweeping the sky to look for a second signal – to find out whether it is a real phenomenon or just an instrument error. Unfortunately, his search did not produce anything.

However, the discovery of Earth-like planet around Gliese 581 – both 581e and 581d, to make the public imagination more and more wild.

Documentary filmmaker, RDF and social networking sites, Bebo using a radio telescope in Ukraine to send a focused beam of information – filled with 500 messages from the public in the form of radio waves that dirahkan to Gliese 581.

Meanwhile, Australia’s minister at that time to organize scholarly 20,000 Twitter users to send messages to neighboring stars far beyond Earth’s solar system.

The notion that right there is life around Gliese 581 is strengthened by the opinion of Dr. Steven Vogt of the University of California, Santa Cruz. He claimed 100 percent sure that there is life on the planet.

Planet Gliese 581g in star clusters ‘Goldilocks zone’ – a region in space whose condition is not too hot, not too cold for liquid that form the sea, lakes, and rivers.

The planet also appears to have the veil of the atmosphere, like Earth’s gravity. The scientists suggest that, if true, this finding is supporting the fact that the universe filled with planets that are similar to the human world.

“The number of systems suspected of having a livable planet living things, maybe about 10 to 20 percent. When multiplied by hundreds of billions of stars in the Milky Way, these large numbers.”

Perhaps there are tens of billions of such systems in our galaxy.

“Personally, given the growing tendency of life anywhere, I can say that the chances for life on this planet is 100 percent. I hardly doubt it,” said Vogt.