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Six Thousand Live Saved by Phone Cellular

November 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Ericsson has recently published a report they titled ‘The Impact of Mobile Connectivity on the Millennium Development Goals in Africa. As a result, small businesses feel the benefits, particularly in terms of transportation cost savings and enable them to access information and market prices.

Results of monitoring and evaluation studies conducted in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania show that the introduction of cellular networks have the potential to influence socio-economic development for individuals and villages in remote areas.

“This is in line with the results of other studies that have been made that the growth in GDP (gross domestic product) of 1.2 percent can be achieved in developing countries for every 10 percent increase in mobile penetration rates,” said Elaine Weidman Grunewald, Head of Sustainability, Ericsson , in a statement, Wednesday, September 22, 2010.

With the help of a cell phone and toll free numbers to health care, according to Grunewald, health workers can save thousands of lives. “Based on the study, in those countries is at least 6,000 lives could be saved every year,” said Grunewald.

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Secret Code of HandPhone

October 18, 2010 Leave a comment

* # 30 # Displays ‘private number’ which call you
* # 73 # Reset phone timers and game scores
* # 7780 # Restore to factory settings
* # 2820 # Bluetooth device IP address (only for having that feature Bluetooth)
xx # Quick access to the names / phone numbers in the phonebook eg 20 #
* 3370 # Activate Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR). Your Nokia phone will use the best sound quality, but this feature requires more energy allows for a little drain battery power.
# 3370 # Disables Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR)
*# 4720 # Activate Hall Rate Codec. Your Nokia phone will use a lower quality sound can save energy battery allows for approximately 30%
# 4720 # Disable Half Rate Codec
*# 0000 # Displays phone software version. The first line shows the software version, the second line shows the date of manufacture of software, The third row shows the compression type in use.
* # 9999 # Code alternative if * # 0000 # does not work
* # 06 # Looking at the number of international Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI number)
* # 21 # to check the number a call “All Calls” in use
* # 2640 # Displays phone security code in use (if still using the standard codes will not be visible)
* # 43 # Check the status of “Call Waiting”
* # 61 # To check the caller’s number who diverted when you do not answer (If you activate the Call divert / transfer calls)
* # 62 # Checking the caller number who diverted when your phone out of range (if you activate the Call divert / transfer calls)
* # 67 # to check the caller’s number who diverted when your phone is busy (If you activate the call divert / transfer calls)
** 21 * number # Turn on the transfer of “All Calls” in the number loaded
** 61 * number # Turn on the transfer of “No Reply” at the number loaded
** 67 * number # Turn on the transfer of “On Busy” in the number loaded
* # 67705646 # Changing Logo Operator Logo on Nokia 3310 and 3330
* # 746025625 # Displays the SIM Clock status. If your phone supports energy-saving features will come out the words “Sim Clock Stop Allowed”, means you will get a longer standby time reply.
* # 7760 # Displays the code of the manufacturer (for most of the old type phone)
* # 92702689 # Raising:
1.Serial Number (serial number),
2.Date Made (manufacture date),
3.Purchase Date (date of purchase),
4.Date of last repair (date of last repair / 0000 for which no repairs).
5. Transfer User Data. Many mobile phone, to exit this mode you must restart the phone.

School ID Kartu As

If you use kartu As as your SIM Card you should be register at this program, called School ID. There is cheap tariff for Rp. 8/SMS, telephone Rp 10/s, Internet Rp.1/Kb and many more….

Just send SMS with format:

SEKOLAH <school id> KIRIM KE 4545

There is School ID that you can register:

  1. SMK Putra Bangsa Bontang —> 231212499
  2. SMK N 3 Balikpapan —> 231111169
  3. SMA 1 TG. PANDAN —> 090719270
  4. SMA 1 PANGKAL PINANG —> 090715168
  5. SMA 1 GANTUNG —> 090718692
  6. SMA PGRI TG. PANDAN —> 090716712
  7. SMP N 5 PANGKAL PINANG —> 090729771
  8. SMA SWASTA YPK TOBOALI —> 091414459
  9. SMK 2 TANJUNGPANDAN —> 091511389
  10. SMP STANIA —> 091629310

Only 1000 number that can register in each School ID.

Nokia Tricks

December 27, 2009 Leave a comment

One day, My Cell phone was borrowed. After a few minutes borrowed, my pulse up Rp. 100,000 and all the data contacts and data contained in the memory card is all gone. Spontaneous, I was hitting his face and threw the cell phone was not a virgin anymore to his face.
What happened?
Apparently, this is the way he did things above:
1) For the low Pulsa Rp. 100,000, coincidence SIM card that I use is TELKOMSEL, well here it is the secret:
* Type * 858 * 085230917108 (Telephone Number friends who will send a message) * 100 # and press YES / OK
2) For all the lost data
* For mobile phones Nokia, please type * # 7370 # or * # 7780 #, please try both.

Telkomsel Tricks

December 26, 2009 Leave a comment

For Indonesia, for your TelkomSel Prepaid Card users, here are some ways Trick to get a good price and sms phone rates:
1) Type Kampus <space> ITB send to 8888
* In this case, you can replace the ITB with the University of the State University of famous in your town, remember only the State University!
2) Type FC <space> ON send to 3636
* This service is to get SMS tariff is only Rp.50, Telephone tariffs and only Rp. 8/detik
3) Type * 858 * Phone Number * 10 # then OK/YES
* This code is to send a pulse of Rp.10000, – to the existing phone number over