Sun Threatens Delivery Man to Mars

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United States plans to send astronauts to space exploration is expected to leave Earth orbit in 2025 and reached Mars in 2035, threatened. Because the solar radiation can delay departure to Mars for decades to come.

As is known, the Sun emits deadly cosmic radiation. As long as people remain in the Earth’s atmosphere, the threat of radiation was practically nil. However, if people go outside the atmosphere, they are in danger of cancer or other diseases due to radiation.

Solar radiation levels themselves vary depending on solar activity that consists of several cycles that have been regulated. According to a recent study John Norbury, astronomers from NASA, this cycle is to be the source of the problem.

“The sun has a cycle called the Schwabe cycle, where the sunspot activity reaches its peak, also called solar maximum which occurs every 11 years,” Norbury said, as quoted from io9, 24 November 2010. “When that happens, there are eruptions of fire and corona mass ejection. Both spread deadly radiation to the entire solar system, “he said.

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2016, Explore the Dark Side of the Moon

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The Obama administration has canceled NASA’s ambitious plans to explore the moon. But not so with Lockheed Martin, the company’s defense, security and aerospace technology from the U.S..

Reportedly, Lockheed Martin will hold a mission called L2-Farside. The mission will deliver the Orion spacecraft into orbit stasiuner located on the side behind the moon is not visible from Earth.

As is known, the effect of gravity between the Earth and Moon have slowed the rotation of the Moon. This leads to only one side of the moon are always viewed humans.

Those missions, Lockheed said, would have several purposes. Initially, using robots, astronauts will learn what is on the Moon that has not been seen by humans since the last Apollo mission. In addition, the mission also serves to test the technology and skills needed to prepare for human landing on an asteroid mission, and then on Mars.

The plan, as quoted by PopSci, November 26, 2011, Orion space capsule will be parked at the L2 point which was about 65 thousand kilometers from the back side of the Moon. Earth and Moon Gravity will allow Orion flying and taking the right position.

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Volcanic eruptions At Full Moon

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Linkages with the full moon earthquake and volcanic activity was triggered clash of ideas. Some people argue that the occurrence of earthquake and volcanic eruption coincided with full moon, just a mere coincidence.

However, few studies have been conducted by scientists who found a strong relationship between the full moon with the increase in volcanic activity.

From the reviews that made the United States Geological Survey Agency USGS, a pair of earth scientists never compared the 680 records of volcanic eruptions that occurred since 1900.

They conclude, “The possibility of volcanic eruptions at the time of maximum tide is greater.” In other words, the possibility of a volcano will erupt higher during full moon.

The study of 52 volcano eruption in Hawaii since January 1832 show a similar pattern. “Nearly twice as many eruptions occurred near the time of maximum tide (full moon) than the minimum tide.”
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Found, Crocodile Fossil 100 Million Year Old

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An ancient animal fossils found at the head of Thailand. The shape is relatively flat, with an elongated snout shape. Once identified, it is a fossil crocodile that lived about 100 million years ago.

Scientists from Mahasarakham University, Komsorn Lauprasert say, this species has longer legs than modern crocodiles. From the characteristics of teeth, this is a fish eater.

“They live on land and can run very fast,” said Komsorn, such as loaded Fox News, 25 November 2010.

Komsorn found this fossil in a museum in 2006. A 6-inch fossil was found at the dig site in the province of Nakhon Rathchasima or Korat, Thailand.

Crocodile species are called “Khoratosuchus jintasakuli” – a mix of location discovery, Korat and director of research institutes, Pratueng Jintasakul.
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Google: The Internet address in UK Out 2012

November 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Vint Cerf, Google’s vice president, said that Britain will run out of Internet addresses in 2012.

Cerf, who helped design the Internet as we know it today as a researcher at Stanford University, USA, noted, some IP addresses (internet protocol) is left to be allocated in the near future. That is, the addresses will be used up in around 2012.

Prediction will end the current IPv4 addresses are still used when he expressed Cerf spoke at the launch 6UK in England. For information, 6UK is a group that promotes the use of new Internet addressing system known as IPv6.

According to Cerf, IPv6 can accommodate 340 trillion addresses the Internet compared with a maximum of 4.3 billion Internet addresses are possible when using IPv4 technology.

“In theory, using IPv6, we will not run out of Internet addresses,” Cerf said, as quoted by the Guardian, 15 November 2010.

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Hacker Most Popular All Time

November 21, 2010 Leave a comment

In addition to regular Internet users, the virtual world is also filled by those who are referred to as hackers, called crackers or black hat hackers. Their penchant is to exploit a computer system and do what is referred to as cybercrime.

Some of them do it for pleasure and sense of curiosity alone, while others do it for personal profit. Here are some “black hack ‘most popular hacker community.

Jonathan James

James suddenly popular name because he was the first person thrown into the courts because of hacking. While incarcerated, he was only 16 years old.

In an interview with private TV stations in the United States, he says, “I just play and see,” said James, as quoted from ITSecurity, 16 November 2010. “The interesting challenge for me is what I can get if you succeed,” he said.

James who became the target is top class organization. For example, he installed a backdoor on the server Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA). The organization is one unit in the U.S. Defense Department in charge of reducing the threat against the United States and its allies from conventional weapons, special weapons, biological, chemical, up to nuclear.

Backdoor created by James enable view sensitive emails and retrieve data employee username and password.

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Death Valeey Stones

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Ever heard of the mystery of the stone or rock slides run? Yes, walk into one of rock’s most interesting mysteries of Death Valley National Park, precisely in the dry lake Racetrack Playa, California, U.S.. Stone walk that can be found easily on the surface of the Playa with a long trail behind him.

How they can move or move is still a big mystery in the minds of the researchers. Because the stone that runs not only the small stones that easily blown by the wind. There are several large stones weighing hundreds of pounds which also “the streets”.

The big question, of course, will appear later: how to move their nominally? This is a major challenge for researchers. Why is this phenomenon a mystery? Because, no one has ever seen him walk.

To this day, the fact is no one or any one organization that knows how the stones could be on the move, although some people already have the explanation of each according to reason. Interesting to note.

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