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How To Upgrade MikroTik

January 27, 2010 2 comments

1) Login to your RouterBoard via winbox. If you dont have download it here

2) Login to your IP Address of Local Interface using FTP Client like FlashXP, Filezilla, etc

3) Go to

4) Select your RouterBoard type and Select Software Type you want. At least, there is version 4.5 that I think it’s stable

5) After that, there is 3 kind of choice. Choose All Packages

6) Extract all files in

7) Upload that all files via FTP Client in “root”. Dont place it in hotspot folder!!!

8) Dont cancelling all process

9) If all process have done, now go to your RouterBoard via Winbox

10) Go to New Terminal type system reboot and type y. Wait till all process have done

11) Finished, now you can check it on System -> Packages

If you need more help about Mikrotik chat with me on