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Google: The Internet address in UK Out 2012

November 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Vint Cerf, Google’s vice president, said that Britain will run out of Internet addresses in 2012.

Cerf, who helped design the Internet as we know it today as a researcher at Stanford University, USA, noted, some IP addresses (internet protocol) is left to be allocated in the near future. That is, the addresses will be used up in around 2012.

Prediction will end the current IPv4 addresses are still used when he expressed Cerf spoke at the launch 6UK in England. For information, 6UK is a group that promotes the use of new Internet addressing system known as IPv6.

According to Cerf, IPv6 can accommodate 340 trillion addresses the Internet compared with a maximum of 4.3 billion Internet addresses are possible when using IPv4 technology.

“In theory, using IPv6, we will not run out of Internet addresses,” Cerf said, as quoted by the Guardian, 15 November 2010.

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Hacker Most Popular All Time

November 21, 2010 Leave a comment

In addition to regular Internet users, the virtual world is also filled by those who are referred to as hackers, called crackers or black hat hackers. Their penchant is to exploit a computer system and do what is referred to as cybercrime.

Some of them do it for pleasure and sense of curiosity alone, while others do it for personal profit. Here are some “black hack ‘most popular hacker community.

Jonathan James

James suddenly popular name because he was the first person thrown into the courts because of hacking. While incarcerated, he was only 16 years old.

In an interview with private TV stations in the United States, he says, “I just play and see,” said James, as quoted from ITSecurity, 16 November 2010. “The interesting challenge for me is what I can get if you succeed,” he said.

James who became the target is top class organization. For example, he installed a backdoor on the server Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA). The organization is one unit in the U.S. Defense Department in charge of reducing the threat against the United States and its allies from conventional weapons, special weapons, biological, chemical, up to nuclear.

Backdoor created by James enable view sensitive emails and retrieve data employee username and password.

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China Punish Spreader Message on Twitter

November 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Chinese authorities sentenced a woman to confine him in a labor camp for a year. The mistake is unique, he proved to spread a provocative message through Twitter page, which it invites people to destroy Japan’s pavilion at a leading exhibition in the city of Shanghai.

Similarly, human rights activists said the agency, Amnesty International (AI), as quoted by the Associated Press, 19 November 2010 Thursday night local time. According to AI, convict named Chen Jianping.

The 46-year-old woman was found guilty of spreading a message written by people at Twitter last month. Its contents, invite Chinese citizens to Japan’s rampage through the pavilion in the prestigious exhibition “Shanghai Expo.” At that time, the relationship was tenuous Japan and China on the issue of maritime borders between the two countries, which lasted a long time.

“Young people are angry, attack!” Thus the additional sentence Cheng written in Mandarin. Both AI and fiance Cheng said that the message was actually only a problem satire and just making fun of anti-Japanese protesters movement.

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The End of

November 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Today (10/11) is last day of as a search-engine services. Website search engine that used to be one of the largest in the world now allow their employees to move to Google and Microsoft.

Website, formerly known as Ask Jeeves, was formerly the site of the most well known search site. Launched in 1996 and quickly developed. In the era of peak popularity, has answered two million searches per day. Mascot of this website, Jeeves the Butler, was known by many people. Similarly, as quoted by Mashable, Wednesday (11/10/2010).

In 1999, the company is doing an initial public offering (IPO) and everything looks pretty good, at a time when the dot com era of the Internet became popular. Then several years went by, compete with Google. Their market share and technology stagnated until finally bought by Internet conglomerate InterActiveCorp (IAC) of USD1, 85 billion in
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Shortcut Virus

November 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Once the action type of trojan computer virus Stuxnet, who attacked Iran’s nuclear installations, a new shortcut appears worm, whose full name Win32.HLLW.Autoruner.25xxx or W32/VBNA.Dx.

This worm can steal the attention of most computer users in Indonesia via its spread is incredible.

Adi Saputra, security experts from Vaksincom said, it got dozens of samples of different shortcut from the worm. “This incident is similar to the worm YM (conime / secupdat) and viruses are also spread rapidly Sality with different variants,” said Adi, on his statement, October 13, 2010.

“With the same technique, variants of malware spreads by exploiting Windows vulnerabilities are MS10-046 (security holes .lnk / shortcut),” he said.

Although computer users have antivirus update, said Adi, still capable of attacking the worm.

“Just as the worm YM (conime / secupdat) and Stuxnet, early methods of distributing this worm comes in links of websites that contain trojans and spam links in the e-mail,” said Adi. “But after a user’s computer is infected, the worm began to spread using removable media drives / disks,” he said.

In addition, Adi mentions, in his network will take advantage of file sharing (full) and mapping drives to make some virus files and shortcuts.

“With the rampant spread of malware with variants of different, sometimes difficult for the antivirus to detect variants of the same, so it takes a sample of the virus,” said Adi. “But there are also some anti-virus that has special technology to address the malware without the need for samples,” he said.

Antivirus like this, said Adi, can easily detect and add yourself as a database owned viruses without requiring an update.

Watch out, Lindsay Lohan Sex Video on Facebook

November 3, 2010 Leave a comment

After a video about McDonalds that victimized potatoes quite a lot, especially the Facebooker who likes to pay attention to the health body (bodies), exploiting the security hole is now the re-targeting Facebook users.

If previously being targeted are those who care about the health of sport, is now present in the drill victims now are those that concern with adult film (porn).

“The methods used exactly the same as video McDonalds,” said Alfons Tanujaya, Antivirus Specialist Vaksincom, in testimony, 2 November 2010. “It’s just, if McDonalds can watch videos by anyone, this video should not be viewed by minors,” he said.

Method of distribution, said Alfons, the perpetrator sends Event Invitation comes with a variety of titles such as Lindsey Having Sex with HOT Girl, This is Lindsey Lohan’s Leaked Celebrity Sex Tape, Lindsay Lohan Having a THREEWAY on Camera, and others.

“Same with McDonald’s exploitation of the theme, clicking on the event [Yes] [No] or [Maybe] not going to cause you to become victims of exploitation,” said Alfons. “You ‘only’ will be depositing your contact’s name in the list of applications,” he said.

Remarkably, Alfons said, even many Facebook users who like the application of this evil, whether consciously or unconsciously, by clicking on the “like”.

“Leading clever application of this evil. If the video McDonalds they just can sacrifice a little, with the bait ‘Lindsay Lohan’ they want more, “said Alfons. “Let alone with the provocative title, the title” Do not Click “Just sometimes even fishing for clicks,” he said.

Alfons said, regardless Event Invitation sent, if you never give permission [Allow] in applications up the evil, your Facebook account will always be safe and will not become victims of exploitation.

“Therefore, our advice, you should never click on [Allow] to the Facebook applications that you do not know,” said Alfons. “If you are unsure of an application, should not be on the [Allow],” he said.

Time Machine of Charlie Chaplin

November 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Speculation about the existence of a time machine that was caught on camera at the premiere of Charlie Chaplin, finally solved.

Estimates of the time machine in a video recording made in 1928 that did not materialize.

Rampant speculation fueled by the existence of time machine recordings demonstrating the existence of a woman suspect is to call someone through mobile devices.

The woman was passing in the premiere of Charlie Chaplin’s “The Circus” at the Manns Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, California, walked sembil put something in his ear.

Whereas in 1928, cell phones have not been found. In fact, the first telecommunication devices ‘Walkie-Talkie’ new Motorola developed around the 1940s, or more than a decade after Chaplin silent film was outstanding.

Irish filmmaker, George Clarke claimed that the woman who got caught by the camera is a time traveler, or travelers across time using a time machine, which is using a modern mobile phone.

But it was disputed by an expert in history. Told LiveScience, historian Phillip Skroska say woman charged objects such possibility is a hearing aid. “Auxiliary machinery hearing older must have a form that is not long and circular.”

“Hearing aids at that time can be short and compact shape,” said the man who is a archiver on the Bernard Becker Medical Library of Washington University in St. Louis.

In the 19th century such tools are still made in significant amounts, and continued until the early 20th century. “With estimates that this woman over the age of 50 years, so it looks like he uses hearing aids models of the late 19th century,” said Skroska.

Skroska explanation that it is not too attractive than early speculation that appears. However, at least an explanation could be an alternative explanation that makes sense.