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Sun Threatens Delivery Man to Mars

November 27, 2010 Leave a comment

United States plans to send astronauts to space exploration is expected to leave Earth orbit in 2025 and reached Mars in 2035, threatened. Because the solar radiation can delay departure to Mars for decades to come.

As is known, the Sun emits deadly cosmic radiation. As long as people remain in the Earth’s atmosphere, the threat of radiation was practically nil. However, if people go outside the atmosphere, they are in danger of cancer or other diseases due to radiation.

Solar radiation levels themselves vary depending on solar activity that consists of several cycles that have been regulated. According to a recent study John Norbury, astronomers from NASA, this cycle is to be the source of the problem.

“The sun has a cycle called the Schwabe cycle, where the sunspot activity reaches its peak, also called solar maximum which occurs every 11 years,” Norbury said, as quoted from io9, 24 November 2010. “When that happens, there are eruptions of fire and corona mass ejection. Both spread deadly radiation to the entire solar system, “he said.

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2016, Explore the Dark Side of the Moon

November 27, 2010 Leave a comment

The Obama administration has canceled NASA’s ambitious plans to explore the moon. But not so with Lockheed Martin, the company’s defense, security and aerospace technology from the U.S..

Reportedly, Lockheed Martin will hold a mission called L2-Farside. The mission will deliver the Orion spacecraft into orbit stasiuner located on the side behind the moon is not visible from Earth.

As is known, the effect of gravity between the Earth and Moon have slowed the rotation of the Moon. This leads to only one side of the moon are always viewed humans.

Those missions, Lockheed said, would have several purposes. Initially, using robots, astronauts will learn what is on the Moon that has not been seen by humans since the last Apollo mission. In addition, the mission also serves to test the technology and skills needed to prepare for human landing on an asteroid mission, and then on Mars.

The plan, as quoted by PopSci, November 26, 2011, Orion space capsule will be parked at the L2 point which was about 65 thousand kilometers from the back side of the Moon. Earth and Moon Gravity will allow Orion flying and taking the right position.

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This Black Hole can “Eat” Earth

November 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Astronomers recently discovered phenomenon in space, which they believe to be the birth of a “black hole” results from the explosion of a star (supernova) of more than 30 years ago. The hole was very greedy and swallow what was found, including the space object as large as Earth.

So says Avi Loeb, an astrophysicist from Harvard University in cooperation with the U.S. space agency (NASA), Monday, November 15, 2010. Loeb revealed that the emergence of black holes that result from the explosion of a star that was first discovered in 1979.

The explosion was big enough to cause a black hole. The team of astronomers believe that a black hole because of the constant drubbing of the remnants of an exploded star. That the characteristics of black holes, sucking what is in front of him.

According to Loeb, in the last 30 years since supernovae, black holes this baby has swallowed objects whose mass is equal to the Earth. According to news agency Associated Press (AP), the findings of Loeb and his colleagues is published in a paper published in the journal New Astronomy. ”

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Space for Women?

November 10, 2010 Leave a comment

A study was conducted to compare the astronauts and their colleagues on Earth. The result was not encouraging for those who are sent into space.

Scientists already know that the repercussions of bone, known to weaken drastically, and through research has proven that the effects of the weakened bone can take up to a year even more, after the astronauts returned to Earth.

The results also emphasize that the way to minimize damage to bone during space flight absolute discovered. The reason, said researchers, bone recovery after return to earth pretty time consuming.

“If we can engage in space and make the astronauts did not lose a lot of bone strength, it is the best result for them,” said Shreyasee Amin, Associate Professor at the Mayo Clinic, Minnesota, who chaired the study.

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Ten New Galaxy Clusters Discovered

November 5, 2010 Leave a comment

The universe will look more solid every day. Planets, asteroids, stars and galaxies are found every year in considerable amounts. Discovery web site today to preach about the discovery of 23 clusters of galaxies or clusters of stars consisting of several galaxies by the Atacama Cosmology Telescope (ACT). Among the 23 clusters of galaxies found in it, 10 of which were new galaxy clusters. The findings will be reported in the Astrophysics Journal, which will be published on 10 November.

Mission discovery of new galaxy clusters was started in 2008. The researchers used the ACT technology that would collect microwaves to be able to image the galaxy clusters that want to be found. They chose the Atacama Desert in Chile as a place of observation for the ACT work is not much disturbed because a lot of water vapor.

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New signs that Mars could Occupied

November 4, 2010 Leave a comment

silica on MarsSearch for new planets that can be inhabited still not stopped. Long missions, such as looking for signs of life on Mars and the possibility that the planet could be habitable until now is still running.

Using a spectrometer from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, researchers from Brown University recently discovered a mound of mineral silica on Mars. They found him in the planet called Syrtis Major, precisely in the area Nili Patera volcano is 3.7 billion years old.

Looking at the existing location near the volcano, researchers speculate that the mounds of silica is derived from hot springs that never existed in the region. Mounds were formed when hot water came out and dissolve the rock, making it rich in silica minerals from rocks. As the water cools down and in contact with air, called hydrated silica material is formed and set mound that is now found.

The presence of silica bumps that come from this hot spring, according to the researchers, is one sign that there is a small neighborhood on the Red Planet uninhabitable. “When you have water and heat, as found in this place, you have the opportunity to live and live,” said John Mustard, a professor of geology who are involved in this research.

Other researchers, JR Skok, who also came from the same university, suspect that the existence of hot springs indicates that at least, there was a primitive life, such as microorganisms. If the hypothesis is true, then he reveals, “It would be possible to find a collection of fossils of microorganisms in the region.”

So far, there has been no real evidence about the existence of life on Mars. However, the findings of silica on Mars is not the first. The findings had previously been conducted in 2007 by NASA’s Spirit Mars mission. The uniqueness of this finding is the presence of silica mound intact.

The results of this study was published by John Mustard and JR Skok in the journal Nature Geoscience October 31, 2010. In the future, researchers hope to detect how is it possible this environment for occupancy, for example by looking at the temperature and acidity.

Last Mission Aircraft Discovery

October 31, 2010 Leave a comment

U.S. space agency (NASA), Monday (25/10/10), officially announced plans to launch space shuttle Discovery for the last time. The launch will be conducted on November 1, 2010 will be closing one of two space missions of the most powerful.

The launch of space shuttle was approved by NASA officials after a long meeting at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC), Cape Canaveral, Florid, USA. They approve it after learning that leak fuel system on the orbital maneuvering system located near the tail of the plane could be repaired.

“We decided to launch on November 1, 1010,” Bill Gerstenmaier said at a press conference held at KSC. To be precise, the shuttle will be launched at 16:40 local time.

This launch will be the launch of space shuttle missions that to 133, as well as 39th and final mission of the shuttle Discovery. A total of six astronauts will take part in this mission, namely Eric Boe, Michael Barratt, Nicole Stott, Alvin Drew, Tim Kopra, and Steve Lindsey.

Lindsey will be the command of the mission, Boe will be a pilot, and Barratt will be a mission specialist. The six astronauts will go to the International Space Station or the International Space Station (ISS) to bring some kind of equipment, such as storage space and a humanoid robot that will assist the astronauts.

Commenting on the launch, shuttle launch director, Mike Leinbach, said, “It’s still unbelievable. This launch is part of history, part of American culture. Everything will be different without this release. We have to do it and make the plane flight space shuttle is the best of all time. ”

After this launch, NASA live shuttle Endeavour leaves and will retired from 2011. Another space shuttle Atlantis has been doing the last mission this summer.

NASA is now developing barau generation spacecraft that will emphasize the mission of exploration to one of the asteroids and Mars. President Obama is rumored to have approve the mission to the asteroid so that mission can be done more or less by 2025 and to Mars in 2030.