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Nurses to be “The Queen of Porn”

October 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Who does not know Tera Patrick. Mixed-blood women of Thailand (from Mom) and English (father) it was known as a porn star’s most shining moment.

Supported by the exotic look of the chest plus the excess, making the name Patrick can easily fly in the world of hot entertainment. Problem achievements can we align with the names of star-ih-uh ah-uh-oh Asia whose name is a kind of legendary Asia Carrera.

Now, the name was so close in the public ear the country plans to decorate his involvement Southeast Asian film industry. Is producer-blooded Indian, KK Dheeraj, who boasted a porn star has been proposed to the United States were to engage in the production of his latest film.

Unmitigated, producers often create a sensation with horror films sex oust seasoned porn star as the main star. Patrick will compete acting by Catherine Wilson and Angel Lelga, two actresses who are not less spread sensation from Patrick, in the horror film genre.

Hot ball was already thrown Dheeraj. He also impressed stingy to give definite information about the existence of Tera today in Jakarta. “I can not say it, still secret,” he said.

When asked about the time the movie’s release, he was not willing to call it. “Do not mention the date, yes coming soon, this month,” he said secretive.

Following the maneuver Dheeraj public attention by selling “label” porn star in the film, may be Tera Patrick’s prestige in the country will increasingly rise, as does Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi.

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Tera Patrick Perform in Indonesian Horror Movie

October 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Rintihan Kuntilanak Perawan film producer, KK Dheeraj from K2K Productions production houses, claiming that was not easy to make a U.S. porn star Tera Patrick will play in the film. Also he admitted, he even had to spend billions of dollars to honor Patrick.

“It costs the most, such as making one-half the range of Indonesian films,” said Dheeraj after the news conference about the film in Jakarta on Monday (11/10/2010).

According to Dheeraj, production costs Rintihan Kuntilanak Perawan not much different from other films of similar and had already released by the K2K Productions. “It’s not about production, but the players are expensive. Anyway, not hundreds, O M (billions) lah,” he said.

With such exorbitant spending money, Dheeraj asserts that it did not expect much to reap the benefits. “Horror depends on luck, could be a few hundred spectators, it was about 300-400 spectators. If the drama, could be 40 thousand. Capital usually does not return,” says Dheeraj.

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