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All new: CXMB for custom firmwares 3.71 to 5.50. Well, maybe not all new, considering we saw CXMB for 5.50 two times already . Whatever the case, here it is one more time… Customize your PSP to the fullest with Total_Noob’s unofficial release of Poison’s CXMB.

This tutorial is for PSP’s with hackable motherboards. If you have a PSP 3000 or PSP 2Kv3 with 5.03 MHU/5.03 GEN-A/B/C, follow this tutorial.

CXMB is a Custom PRX Plugin that allows you to load CTFs (flash0 theme compiled into a single file) from your memory stick using the Theme Settings Menu.

No flashing is required.
Total_Noob’s unofficial release of Poison’s CXMB for custom firmwares 3.71 to 5.50:

Download Here

Copy the cxmb folder into the root of your memory stick:

Open SEPLUGIN folder on the root of memory stick:

Open the vsh.txt file inside the seplugins folder and add this line:

Restart your PSP and enable the plugin in the recovery menu. When you turn on your PSP hold R till 2-3 seconds.

Download a CTF file and place it in PSP/THEME:

Go to Settings/Theme Settings/Theme/ and select your theme:

Your PSP will restart and will apply your new theme.