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Google: The Internet address in UK Out 2012

Vint Cerf, Google’s vice president, said that Britain will run out of Internet addresses in 2012.

Cerf, who helped design the Internet as we know it today as a researcher at Stanford University, USA, noted, some IP addresses (internet protocol) is left to be allocated in the near future. That is, the addresses will be used up in around 2012.

Prediction will end the current IPv4 addresses are still used when he expressed Cerf spoke at the launch 6UK in England. For information, 6UK is a group that promotes the use of new Internet addressing system known as IPv6.

According to Cerf, IPv6 can accommodate 340 trillion addresses the Internet compared with a maximum of 4.3 billion Internet addresses are possible when using IPv4 technology.

“In theory, using IPv6, we will not run out of Internet addresses,” Cerf said, as quoted by the Guardian, 15 November 2010.

Cerf said, this needs to be discussed with Internet users around the world. “If Britain did not implement IPv6, then we can not relate to other world regions that use IPv6,” he said.

When that happens, Cerf said, this is very embarrassing because Britain plays an important role in the development of the internet.

Ironically, according to Nigel Titley, Chairman 6UK organization, there is currently none in the UK government site supporting IPv6 technology.

At the same time, governments of other countries such as Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Finland, France, India, Japan, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Poland, Sweden, and the United States has to move faster in implementing IPv6.

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