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Tragic Death of Playboy Models

November 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Sexy women who became the cover girl of Playboy magazine frequently died in pathetic or a way that is not fair. This phenomenon Gretchen Edgren noted in the book entitled “The Playmate Book: Six decades of Centerfolds.

The ladies section “of” Hugh Hefner is often not very long. Their deaths are always filled with puzzles. Call it, Anna Nicole Smith, who died at the age of 39 years due to an overdose. Noted also another former Playboy model who fared just as bad as Anna. “Car accidents, airplane accidents, overdoses, suicides, and killed is a series of unfortunate fate that claimed the lives of girls Playboy before they hit the age of 50 years,” writes

They rate it as a curse for a woman who once posed in Playboy magazine. “Their fate was not as pretty as his face,” said Peter Gowland, Playboy photographer in the 1950s until the 1960s. Call it sexy actress Marilyn Monroe who was a Read more…


Hollywood Film Producers Fall Bankruptcy

November 7, 2010 Leave a comment

One of the leading manufacturer and distributor of Hollywood films, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), Inc.., Filed with the court bankruptcy protection in New York, Wednesday, November 3, 2010.

This step was approved by the creditors, who agreed to eliminate the debt once the MGM worth more than U.S. $ 4 billion with the requirements of media companies bearing the lion’s head that had to be restructured under new management when the survivors of the bankruptcy process.

The lenders were asking mastery MGM’s assets when completed undergoing insolvency proceedings in court. MGM hopes this process takes 1-2 months before new management took over.

Associated Press news agency said, when filing bankruptcy protection, the head of MGM requested permission from the judge to allow them to issue a budget of U.S. $ 125 million of corporate cash for operational funding for 15 weeks.

MGM was still allowed to ask to invest U.S. $ 40 million for funding the film “The Hobbit.” The work of director Peter Jackson is expected to be made two episodes of the series and is a precursor (prequel) of the monumental trilogy of films that are in demand, “The Lord of the Rings.”

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‘Robot’ that Controlled by Our Mind

October 24, 2010 Leave a comment

A group of researchers from Northeastern University, Boston, United States working on a computer interface that can translate signals from the brain through a special helmet.

Through a helmet that is made, the user can send commands to the computer, simply by thinking of the command.

The researchers also have created a special computer program that divides the screen into four quadrants. By looking at a particular quadrant in the time period long enough, the computer can recognize the respective quadrant.

Currently, the amount of control is limited to four choices. However, as quoted from TGDaily, July 13, 2010, the researchers said that it was enough. For example, for the lame who wants to control a wheelchair.

Researchers also claim that they have developed applications can also help control the household appliances. Signals can be sent wirelessly to a small robot to perform various commands that can be monitored by the user through a separate window on a computer screen.

Although still very simple, ‘robot’, which is controlled by this thought interesting to develop further.


Waterfall Towers in the Air

October 22, 2010 Leave a comment

31st Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, will be held six years. But preparations have been started.

Rafaa, one of the architectural and design consulting company headquartered in Zurich Switzerland, became one company that proposes a ‘green landmarks’ for the success of the event.

One aim which makes the Rio de Janeiro as a symbol of the first Olympics that has zero carbon footprint.

“This project will provide energy for the city of Rio de Janeiro and its citizens to use natural resources,” said Rafaa in his official blog.

Rafaa offers a tower called Solar City Tower which consists of solar power and an artificial waterfall on the sea.

By day, the tower solar panels will generate electricity for the city of Rio de Janeiro. Electricity was used to pump sea water to be accommodated in the tank at the top of the tower.

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Mobile phones to Open Lock and Light Machine

October 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Nissan Motor, NTT DoCoMo, and Sharp announced their partnership in making phones that have a function as a versatile key for the vehicle. The phone uses Intelligent Key technology already implemented in several series of cars made by Nissan.

From 2002 until August 2008, has about 950 thousand to 1 million units of vehicles that have the Intelligent Key system sold in the Japanese market. The system uses two-way wireless communications technology that is able to automatically lock or unlock the doors and turn on and turn off the engine. Of course, the manual way like using a conventional automatic lock can still be used.

Although not new, but according to research done by Nissan, until September 2008 there has been no cell phone equipped with such capabilities. Armed with increasingly widespread use of cell phones, then Nissan and Sharp decided to work together to combine these technologies in a device. NTT DoCoMo own task is to ensure all work with the help of a wireless network that is owned.

The way it works, when the car is equipped with Intelligent Key system detects that there is a key right in the surroundings, the system will automatically unlock the door and allows the engine to lit. Own a car engine will not turn on before the phone was brought in by their owners into the car. With the help signal NTT DoCoMo, the mobile phone does not have to be in the hands of users. The system can work automatically even if the phone is in pocket or purse user. If users want, the phone can also function as usual remote key.

Nissan, DoCoMo, and Sharp will demonstrate mobile phone that features Intelligent Key is in the exhibition CEATEC (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies) Japan 2008, which will be opened on September 30. The three companies that worked it hopes to launch innovative products in early 2009.

Watches 3G HSDPA Technology

October 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Saturated with candybar phone design, slide, or fold? Maybe you could consider a new phone from LG, GD910. Phones that just exhibited at CES 2009 this some time ago presented with a unique design resembles a wristwatch.

Then, what if there is a call? Yes, this tiny cell phone equipped with 3G that allows users to make video calls. To make a call and a few other features, GD910 equipped with voice command features.

In the related video demonstrated how to use the two most basic functions, make calls and send messages (SMS). Both functions can be seen very easily done with a Bluetooth earphone. This device is included in one package unit GD910 LG sold in the retail market.

“Making a call is so easy with a Bluetooth earphone. This tool also helps users and even send text messages because LG has the ability GD910 text-to-speech,” said the LG, which quoted from GSMarena, Wednesday, January 14, 2009.

In addition, GD910 also features several other advanced features, including touch screen measuring 1.4 inch TFT, 3G/HSDPA support video calls, and flash-based interface.

Like most mobile phones “at hand”, LG GD910 also waterproof. But, unfortunately LG reluctantly willing to explain in detail when the new phones are scheduled for release in Asia. Similarly, the sale price.

“Last year, we presented an innovative mobile phone which is scheduled for release this year. The prototype is now introduced for the first time during CES 2009 event took place,” said a spokesman for LG, which claims GD910 as a phone first wristwatch made by Korea’s 3G HSDPA technology.

Tera Patrick Perform in Indonesian Horror Movie

October 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Rintihan Kuntilanak Perawan film producer, KK Dheeraj from K2K Productions production houses, claiming that was not easy to make a U.S. porn star Tera Patrick will play in the film. Also he admitted, he even had to spend billions of dollars to honor Patrick.

“It costs the most, such as making one-half the range of Indonesian films,” said Dheeraj after the news conference about the film in Jakarta on Monday (11/10/2010).

According to Dheeraj, production costs Rintihan Kuntilanak Perawan not much different from other films of similar and had already released by the K2K Productions. “It’s not about production, but the players are expensive. Anyway, not hundreds, O M (billions) lah,” he said.

With such exorbitant spending money, Dheeraj asserts that it did not expect much to reap the benefits. “Horror depends on luck, could be a few hundred spectators, it was about 300-400 spectators. If the drama, could be 40 thousand. Capital usually does not return,” says Dheeraj.

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