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2016, Explore the Dark Side of the Moon

The Obama administration has canceled NASA’s ambitious plans to explore the moon. But not so with Lockheed Martin, the company’s defense, security and aerospace technology from the U.S..

Reportedly, Lockheed Martin will hold a mission called L2-Farside. The mission will deliver the Orion spacecraft into orbit stasiuner located on the side behind the moon is not visible from Earth.

As is known, the effect of gravity between the Earth and Moon have slowed the rotation of the Moon. This leads to only one side of the moon are always viewed humans.

Those missions, Lockheed said, would have several purposes. Initially, using robots, astronauts will learn what is on the Moon that has not been seen by humans since the last Apollo mission. In addition, the mission also serves to test the technology and skills needed to prepare for human landing on an asteroid mission, and then on Mars.

The plan, as quoted by PopSci, November 26, 2011, Orion space capsule will be parked at the L2 point which was about 65 thousand kilometers from the back side of the Moon. Earth and Moon Gravity will allow Orion flying and taking the right position.

From there, the astronauts will perform research on the surface from a distance, collect rock samples and observe the Aitken basin on the Moon’s south pole, which is one of the oldest craters in our solar system. From the point of L2, the capsule will continue to be in a straight line with Earth and back side of the Moon.

In addition, the medium-term mission would also test the endurance of both crew and vehicle during the trip several times a month before trying to do the mission to the asteroid. The mission is expected to last for 6 months was also aimed at ensuring the capsule and the astronaut’s body to withstand space radiation.

With this mission, Lockheed and NASA also wanted to try to travel back into the atmosphere at speeds up to 50 percent higher. This trial needs to be done for the shuttle in the future to return more quickly from space.

Finally, the astronauts on the mission of the L2-Farside also will go 15 percent farther from Earth than those performed by the Apollo astronauts and spent three times as much. In essence, the mission of the L2-Farside is a stepping stone to find the stamina of man and technology needed to perform the next step in space.

Of course, in conducting this trial, Lockheed is not alone. They need the help of NASA to orbit vehicle into space. If the launcher to be made, Lockheed estimates that L2-Farside mission will be held next in 2016.

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