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Tutorial NetCut

December 27, 2009 1 comment

Netcut not “Netcat” stands for Network Cut. Network is a network, while the cut is a cut. So we reply, Netcut means cutting tissue or more precisely cut off connections. ( “So what do each photograph Chucky??”) .. hehehe .. name also creations, he is again holding a pair of scissors .. : D

Shared connection speed is basically determined the number of users connected, topology is used, setting protocols and much more .. If using a pure setting, the access speed will be divided based on the number of users who use it .. example: If the connection speed = 600 Kbps, and there are 6 users who use it, then the speed of each to 100 Kbps, but given the connection limit to other users .. So more and more users connected, the smaller also access ..

IF you want this software search on Uncle Google. If so, this is how make to make it…

1. Extract the zip file if the format or rar or any other compresses files.

2. Install the program, double click netcut.exe ( “dah know how it nginstall.”)

3. After the program is installed, open the program netcut.
Would seem a table that lists the current IP, then select Ip who will dicut, and press the cut-off. So share the bandwidth of this Ip Ip will turn to us .. and Ip is dicut not be able to connect to the server before you to resume or before he changed Ipnya ..

Easy is not it?? : D But consider this as an additional insight, not to be practiced constantly. Pity it’s such a software download 100 MB, tiba2’ve managed to fit even 99% off .. : D

Few tips to anticipate, so we do not collapsible ip cut use antinetcut, can be search on Google Mbah. Install the software, you are guaranteed that your computer will not cut off .. : D Hopefully useful.