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Mobile phones to Open Lock and Light Machine

October 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Nissan Motor, NTT DoCoMo, and Sharp announced their partnership in making phones that have a function as a versatile key for the vehicle. The phone uses Intelligent Key technology already implemented in several series of cars made by Nissan.

From 2002 until August 2008, has about 950 thousand to 1 million units of vehicles that have the Intelligent Key system sold in the Japanese market. The system uses two-way wireless communications technology that is able to automatically lock or unlock the doors and turn on and turn off the engine. Of course, the manual way like using a conventional automatic lock can still be used.

Although not new, but according to research done by Nissan, until September 2008 there has been no cell phone equipped with such capabilities. Armed with increasingly widespread use of cell phones, then Nissan and Sharp decided to work together to combine these technologies in a device. NTT DoCoMo own task is to ensure all work with the help of a wireless network that is owned.

The way it works, when the car is equipped with Intelligent Key system detects that there is a key right in the surroundings, the system will automatically unlock the door and allows the engine to lit. Own a car engine will not turn on before the phone was brought in by their owners into the car. With the help signal NTT DoCoMo, the mobile phone does not have to be in the hands of users. The system can work automatically even if the phone is in pocket or purse user. If users want, the phone can also function as usual remote key.

Nissan, DoCoMo, and Sharp will demonstrate mobile phone that features Intelligent Key is in the exhibition CEATEC (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies) Japan 2008, which will be opened on September 30. The three companies that worked it hopes to launch innovative products in early 2009.


Watches 3G HSDPA Technology

October 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Saturated with candybar phone design, slide, or fold? Maybe you could consider a new phone from LG, GD910. Phones that just exhibited at CES 2009 this some time ago presented with a unique design resembles a wristwatch.

Then, what if there is a call? Yes, this tiny cell phone equipped with 3G that allows users to make video calls. To make a call and a few other features, GD910 equipped with voice command features.

In the related video demonstrated how to use the two most basic functions, make calls and send messages (SMS). Both functions can be seen very easily done with a Bluetooth earphone. This device is included in one package unit GD910 LG sold in the retail market.

“Making a call is so easy with a Bluetooth earphone. This tool also helps users and even send text messages because LG has the ability GD910 text-to-speech,” said the LG, which quoted from GSMarena, Wednesday, January 14, 2009.

In addition, GD910 also features several other advanced features, including touch screen measuring 1.4 inch TFT, 3G/HSDPA support video calls, and flash-based interface.

Like most mobile phones “at hand”, LG GD910 also waterproof. But, unfortunately LG reluctantly willing to explain in detail when the new phones are scheduled for release in Asia. Similarly, the sale price.

“Last year, we presented an innovative mobile phone which is scheduled for release this year. The prototype is now introduced for the first time during CES 2009 event took place,” said a spokesman for LG, which claims GD910 as a phone first wristwatch made by Korea’s 3G HSDPA technology.

Expensive Mobile Phones

October 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Gadget designer from Liverpool, England, Stuart Hughes, again captivate lovers of fashion gadget with a chassis Apple iPhone diamonds 4 reigns. Mobile phone with super design will be sold for £ 5 million.

For the sake of his ambition to create the world’s most expensive mobile phone, Hughes placed 500 diamonds that total to 100 carats. In addition to mobile phones around the frame, a sprinkling of diamonds also look at the Apple logo and the back side of the main buttons on the front side.

Hughes only made two sets of mobile phone design. He makes it on orders from Australia, a businessman whose name is deliberately concealed, “This is a fantastic challenge and I am really satisfied with the outcome. The phone looks amazing,” he said as quoted from page Orange.

To make the two phones that increasingly luxurious, Hughes also replace the cardboard box with a box made of pink granite weighing 7 pounds. The inside of the box is coated with the best leather.

Previously, Hughes also launched the design of 22-carat gold-plated phone. Phone a classic, called Prive Phones are sold for £ 140 thousand or approximately Rp1, 9 billion. There are only 10 units Prive Phones Hughes works in the world.

Hughes is known as a designer of luxury gadgets view. He has been designing the look many devices for 12 years. He began his career with the Nokia 8800 with a gold lining.

Hughes was deeply loved his work. One of the customers is the founder of fashion house Dolce and Gabbana, Stefano Gabbana. “The calls is intended for those who are very wealthy, they can not be compared with a phone that can be found anywhere,” said Hughes.

Secret Code of HandPhone

October 18, 2010 Leave a comment

* # 30 # Displays ‘private number’ which call you
* # 73 # Reset phone timers and game scores
* # 7780 # Restore to factory settings
* # 2820 # Bluetooth device IP address (only for having that feature Bluetooth)
xx # Quick access to the names / phone numbers in the phonebook eg 20 #
* 3370 # Activate Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR). Your Nokia phone will use the best sound quality, but this feature requires more energy allows for a little drain battery power.
# 3370 # Disables Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR)
*# 4720 # Activate Hall Rate Codec. Your Nokia phone will use a lower quality sound can save energy battery allows for approximately 30%
# 4720 # Disable Half Rate Codec
*# 0000 # Displays phone software version. The first line shows the software version, the second line shows the date of manufacture of software, The third row shows the compression type in use.
* # 9999 # Code alternative if * # 0000 # does not work
* # 06 # Looking at the number of international Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI number)
* # 21 # to check the number a call “All Calls” in use
* # 2640 # Displays phone security code in use (if still using the standard codes will not be visible)
* # 43 # Check the status of “Call Waiting”
* # 61 # To check the caller’s number who diverted when you do not answer (If you activate the Call divert / transfer calls)
* # 62 # Checking the caller number who diverted when your phone out of range (if you activate the Call divert / transfer calls)
* # 67 # to check the caller’s number who diverted when your phone is busy (If you activate the call divert / transfer calls)
** 21 * number # Turn on the transfer of “All Calls” in the number loaded
** 61 * number # Turn on the transfer of “No Reply” at the number loaded
** 67 * number # Turn on the transfer of “On Busy” in the number loaded
* # 67705646 # Changing Logo Operator Logo on Nokia 3310 and 3330
* # 746025625 # Displays the SIM Clock status. If your phone supports energy-saving features will come out the words “Sim Clock Stop Allowed”, means you will get a longer standby time reply.
* # 7760 # Displays the code of the manufacturer (for most of the old type phone)
* # 92702689 # Raising:
1.Serial Number (serial number),
2.Date Made (manufacture date),
3.Purchase Date (date of purchase),
4.Date of last repair (date of last repair / 0000 for which no repairs).
5. Transfer User Data. Many mobile phone, to exit this mode you must restart the phone.