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Volcanic eruptions At Full Moon

November 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Linkages with the full moon earthquake and volcanic activity was triggered clash of ideas. Some people argue that the occurrence of earthquake and volcanic eruption coincided with full moon, just a mere coincidence.

However, few studies have been conducted by scientists who found a strong relationship between the full moon with the increase in volcanic activity.

From the reviews that made the United States Geological Survey Agency USGS, a pair of earth scientists never compared the 680 records of volcanic eruptions that occurred since 1900.

They conclude, “The possibility of volcanic eruptions at the time of maximum tide is greater.” In other words, the possibility of a volcano will erupt higher during full moon.

The study of 52 volcano eruption in Hawaii since January 1832 show a similar pattern. “Nearly twice as many eruptions occurred near the time of maximum tide (full moon) than the minimum tide.”
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