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Sun Threatens Delivery Man to Mars

November 27, 2010 Leave a comment

United States plans to send astronauts to space exploration is expected to leave Earth orbit in 2025 and reached Mars in 2035, threatened. Because the solar radiation can delay departure to Mars for decades to come.

As is known, the Sun emits deadly cosmic radiation. As long as people remain in the Earth’s atmosphere, the threat of radiation was practically nil. However, if people go outside the atmosphere, they are in danger of cancer or other diseases due to radiation.

Solar radiation levels themselves vary depending on solar activity that consists of several cycles that have been regulated. According to a recent study John Norbury, astronomers from NASA, this cycle is to be the source of the problem.

“The sun has a cycle called the Schwabe cycle, where the sunspot activity reaches its peak, also called solar maximum which occurs every 11 years,” Norbury said, as quoted from io9, 24 November 2010. “When that happens, there are eruptions of fire and corona mass ejection. Both spread deadly radiation to the entire solar system, “he said.

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