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2016, Explore the Dark Side of the Moon

November 27, 2010 Leave a comment

The Obama administration has canceled NASA’s ambitious plans to explore the moon. But not so with Lockheed Martin, the company’s defense, security and aerospace technology from the U.S..

Reportedly, Lockheed Martin will hold a mission called L2-Farside. The mission will deliver the Orion spacecraft into orbit stasiuner located on the side behind the moon is not visible from Earth.

As is known, the effect of gravity between the Earth and Moon have slowed the rotation of the Moon. This leads to only one side of the moon are always viewed humans.

Those missions, Lockheed said, would have several purposes. Initially, using robots, astronauts will learn what is on the Moon that has not been seen by humans since the last Apollo mission. In addition, the mission also serves to test the technology and skills needed to prepare for human landing on an asteroid mission, and then on Mars.

The plan, as quoted by PopSci, November 26, 2011, Orion space capsule will be parked at the L2 point which was about 65 thousand kilometers from the back side of the Moon. Earth and Moon Gravity will allow Orion flying and taking the right position.

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