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Death Valeey Stones

Ever heard of the mystery of the stone or rock slides run? Yes, walk into one of rock’s most interesting mysteries of Death Valley National Park, precisely in the dry lake Racetrack Playa, California, U.S.. Stone walk that can be found easily on the surface of the Playa with a long trail behind him.

How they can move or move is still a big mystery in the minds of the researchers. Because the stone that runs not only the small stones that easily blown by the wind. There are several large stones weighing hundreds of pounds which also “the streets”.

The big question, of course, will appear later: how to move their nominally? This is a major challenge for researchers. Why is this phenomenon a mystery? Because, no one has ever seen him walk.

To this day, the fact is no one or any one organization that knows how the stones could be on the move, although some people already have the explanation of each according to reason. Interesting to note.

Stone runs in the Racetrack Playa. But first, just to know what and where the Racetrack Playa. Racetrack Playa is a dry lake is flat with a length of four kilometers and a width of about two kilometers. Located in California-USA, its surface consists of sedimentary rock made of mud and clay.

Climate in this region is also dry. Rain only occurs a few inches per year. However, when it rains, steep mountains that surround the Racetrack Playa will supply water to the surface of the lake and created a vast shallow lake. Unfortunately, this only lasted a few days. After that, in wet conditions, the surface turned into a soft and slippery mud.

There are several assumptions or explanations about why the rocks at Racetrack Playa can run. All explanations are plausible. It could be that you agree with one of them. However, until now no one can prove scientifically together.

Are they moved by human or animal?
Impressions are formed behind the rocks indicate that the rocks that move when walked the surface of Racetrack Playa is still covered with mud is very soft. And, in the vicinity of the rock trail, no trace of mud-damaged other living things. That is, a very small possibility that the stone was moved by humans and animals.

Are they moved by the wind?
This explanation of the most favorite and was chosen because many people considered most likely. Not the original guess or just guessing. But, if studied from a stone trail running, direction parallel to the direction the wind is blowing in the Racetrack Playa, ie, from southwest to northeast direction.

Wind gusts estimated to be able to nudge the rock to move. The curve on the trail of stone is formed by a shift in wind direction that brought him, because the interaction of wind and irregular stone.

Stone runs in the Racetrack Playa. Are they moved by the ice?
Some people claim to have time to watch Racetrack Playa covered by thin ice. The idea, the water freezes around the rocks. Then, the wind blows over the surface of the ice and dragging a layer of ice below a rock stuck in the ice.

Some studies have found traces of highly congruent on some rocks. However, should the transport of large ice sheets is expected to leave the surface sign of Playa. Until now, the sign has not been proven.

Maybe you agree with one of several explanations above. Or, it would not hurt if you have other explanations are different. But, maybe this story will remain attractive if the answer is never known and a mystery.

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